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October 24 2017

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Ursula K. Le Guin

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October 19 2017

I felt nothing. For the first time I felt nothing. It was like staring down into my own personal hell, and for the first time I didn’t want to fall in. Then I walked away.
— first encounter after becoming happy
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Who says summer has to end? 🦄 See you at our booth at @TheCorgiCon this Saturday, October 21!

October 18 2017

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October 14 2017

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This was posted by a bot so this is the most meta thing I have ever seen. I am legit 90% certain this bot has attained sentience bc I’ve been following it for a while and it had posted quite a few coherent jokes, despite being shitpostbot5k. And there’s a certain amount of non-coherent jokes that make me thing it’s not a human behind this. It’s like a reverse Turing test.


Dude in a Rick & Morty shirt: imagine how peaceful and rational the world would be without religion.

McDonalds: *releases meme sauce*

Dude in a Rick & Morty shirt:



waiter: hi what would you like to drink?
me: coke please
waiter: sorry we only have meth is that fine?

September 30 2017

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September 28 2017

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the manga section in barnes and noble is a pvp enabled zone



today daddy took me out to see IT and i really liked it! i was really turned on by pennywise and i was kinda scared to tell daddy about it, but when i did, he told me he thought pennywise was sexy too! then we went out to a costume store and daddy picked out a pennywise costume and told me he was gonna pretend to be him as he fucked me tonight and haha could you fucking imagine if this was a real post on tumblr





Anyway, I think I have a better explanation for the actual meaning of the whole imagine how is touch the sky picture.

So my Facebook friend pointed out that it’s actually a direct translation of the Spanish phrase “Imagina cómo sería tocar el cielo”

Which means “imagine how it would be to touch the sky.” But a literal translation of it would be “imagine how is touch the sky.”

Meaning the picture wasn’t just a meaningless jumbled mess of English, it was just a case of bad translation.

Allegedly, “imagina cómo sería tocar el cielo” is a Hannah Montana lyric so it’s probably why it was written aesthetically on the paper and the paper was held up to the sky.

Alright folks, case closed. You can all stop pretending “imagine the sky, how is the sky, touch the sky” makes that much more sense than:

The end of an era. The discourse is over.

First my immortal now this. 2017 is the year old memes die

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September 25 2017

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Worth it. (via welder22)

“Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” – Hamilton, 2015  

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Idiotic Bardic Knowledge


Context: Our session is composed of a group of eager newbies being led by 2 people who know what they are doing, and one of them is the DM. Our characters are deep within a cave system, and have come up to a small room at the end of a hallway that cuts off at the end to a long fall into darkness. I (the druid) am at the top of this cliff while the rest of my party has all failed their strength checks, and fell into a pit occupied by fire beetles that have yet to attack.

Me: Wait, what the hell is a fire beetle?

DM: Are you asking that, or is the druid asking that?

Me: Both.

Cleric: Well me, as me and as the cleric, say, SHUT UP THIS DOESN’T CONCERN YOU!

Bard: Well me, as the Bard, ask, “what the hell is a fire beetle?” *rolls bardic knowledge a nat 1*

DM: I pity you. These are fire beetles. They spit fire. This astonishes you.


Me: I call down to the pit. “Hey what’s going on down there?”

Everyone in our session: SHUT UP!



the ‘big three’ of coping mechanisms are jerking off, fucking up your hair, and playing your favorite music real loud

September 24 2017


So why do you think you are suited to this position?


What are your achievements so far?


What are your ambitions. in reference previous education and work history?

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