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August 02 2017

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Calum McSwiggan brutally roasts PETA in a series of tweets. You can view the rest here

June 30 2017

This classic gaming emotion meme is lame

June 28 2017

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I was sitting in the group room at my intensive outpatient program. I had just finished recounting an incident where I believed a security officer had been following me, but the person with me at the time had disagreed and said we weren’t being followed. 

The head psychologist said “Your goal this week should be letting in alternative theories to your paranoia. It isn’t likely anyone is following you.” I said “What do you mean? How can I trust someone else’s perspective over my own, especially when that someone is white?” Another person spoke up, suggested increasing my anti-psychotics.

I looked around the room at the other patients and the professionals in group with me. I was the only Black person there. 

I’m mentally ill, and sometimes I’m paranoid, and sometimes I’m delusional. 

I’m Black, and I’m more likely to be followed around by security, or have negative interactions with the police. The racism in this world is real, and it can affect me.

I’m mentally ill, and sometimes I have persecutory delusions, and there wasn’t any drugs in my orange juice or bugs living in my arms even though I was convinced there were.

I’m Black, and I’m mentally ill. And that intersection has never been acknowledged online or in therapy. That intersection makes us more vulnerable to abuse, domestic violence, and police brutality. 

Black schizo-spec people face challenges that others don’t. We are more likely to be be labeled as dangerous and violent and be disbelieved when we share about how racism has impacted our lives, among many other things. That makes it harder for me to trust others- not to mention that difficulty trusting others is a symptom.

Was I being followed that day? I wish I had an answer, but I don’t know. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. But that isn’t the point. 

A simple search will tell you that schizophrenia is more readily diagnosed in Black patients than in white (source), and some say it is overdiagnosed.


But where are the positivity posts for Black people with stigmatizing disorders?

 Where is the positivity for the Black schizo-spec people trying to figure out what level of fear and suspicion towards the police is reasonable and what is a symptom? Where is the positivity for Black schizo-spec people who have everything blamed on their diagnosis while their other mental health problems get ignored? Where’s the positivity for Black schizo-spec people who distrust the medical professionals they deal with, who have ugly symptoms, who are pigeonholed as dangerous?

We have died because we are Black and schizo-spec. Remember those of us who have been murdered.

And? Don’t forget to include us in your activism while we are living. 

(ok to rb)



I think people often underestimate the potential educational value of senseless memes. For example, thanks to Spiders Georg, literally every teenager on Tumblr has a reasonable grasp of what a statistical outlier is and the sorts of problems that outliers can introduce into a naïve analysis. There are grown adults who don’t get that - I deal with them on a daily basis.

“Memes have educational value” actually statistical error. Average meme teaches 0 facts. Spiders Georg is an outlier adn should not be counted

June 26 2017

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My meat: N-no you already did it 5 times….no more please!




The plot of Danny Phantom is literally that this fourteen year old boy is dead but he’s not dead enough so he still has to go to school.



my favorite part in attack of the clones is when obi-wan just fucks off to play space nancy drew on Clone Rain Planet with the alarming giraffe-necked aliens and swans in like “HELLO IT’S ME, the jedi who definitely… … was here before and probably, uh, spoke to you, and stuff” and theyre like “ah you are here for the order” and hes like “beg pardon” and theyre like “the order of millions of identical human men?” and hes like “RIGHT YES. ABSOLUTELY I AM HERE FOR THE ORDER OF MILLIONS OF IDENTICAL HUMAN MEN”

and then later when he SNEAKS INTO A CORNER TO FUCKING… facetime yoda… like “ok so we have these millions of identical human men who were apparently suspiciously ordered for us by someone???” and yodas fucking response is just “when countless sapient lemons life gives you…….. send those lemons into intergalactic battle you must”

 and obi-wan’s like “shit man you’re so right" 

There literally isn’t a frame of this scene where Obi-Wan doesn’t look confused as hell

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June 24 2017





lol full offense but stop policing how frequently bisexuals date either genders. just cause i’ve dated 5 girls back to back doesn’t make me a lesbian, just like another bisexual woman who has dated 5 men back to back doesn’t make her straight. being bisexual means the person has the potential to be attracted to more than one gender and that’s it. what they do with it is their business so just let us live for crying out loud let us live.

“ 5 girls back to back doesn’t make me a lesbian “

Kinda makes it likely that you are more into girls than guys tho’.

Guys are much more available as partners for women unless they are quite unattractive.

But let’s imagine it was exactly equal that you would select a girl or a guy - that their sex genuinely was irrelevant, and that there was no difference in availability.

I’m rusty at maths, but from memory, the chance it’s coincidence is

(1/(2^5)) *100%

= (1/32) *100%

=  0.03125  *100%


Feel free to correct my maths - it’s been about 35 years now since i did probability.

But if i was a betting man - i’m going to say my money is going to be on a woman for your next partner.

Maybe you are a lesbian, and maybe dudes need to know that so they don’t get hurt? Just a thought.


Alright dipshit sit down and shut the fuck up.

Cause you are 1) directly contradicting what someone else has to say about themselves while being grossly uninformed and 2) attempting to use math and statistics to do it.

If any mathematician or statistician wants to correct me go right ahead I am still working on my degree in math.

That being said, that statistic you came up with? Utter bullshit, you don’t even have a full sample to pull from to be able to compare the frequency that she dates either gender. From what I’ve learned in class, if you were going to attempt to quantify someone’s ‘bi-ness’ would with be a hypothesis test. But there are many different hypothesis’ that could be set up. You could test happiness in a relationship potentially by comparing average length of relationship with men vs women or even social media activity that included the SO. There’s lots of things that could be tested. But here’s the thing it doesn’t matter.

You wanna know why? Because if she says she’s bi, she’s bi. End of story.

Also if there’s literally a 1% chance she’d date more than one gender she’s bi


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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 3, Episode 10

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This is truly relatable

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